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Christmas in July

It was "Christmas in July" when this “Star of Bethlehem” coin arrived this week.

Syria, Seleucis and Pieria, Antioch.

AE Trichalkon, Q. Ummidius Durmius Quadratus, legatus

Obv: Turreted and veiled bust of Tyche right with ANTIOXEΩN

Rev: Leaping ram (Aries) looking back at star in crescent above, EΠIKOYADPATOY (translation is “reign of Quadratus”) dated ETEP

25th Anniversary of Resurrection & 60th Anniversary of Birth, ETEP= 105 or 56/7AD (Caesarian Era starting 49BC)

This was minted during the first years of Nero’s reign in Rome (misattributed as McAlee 125a in the auction listing - I think the correct references are McAlee 102; RPC I 4290).

Here are a couple of interesting links related to this coin:

The Star of Bethlehem : The Legacy of the Magi by Michael R. Molnar, 1999

Star of Bethlehem Coins : A Set of Serial Commemoratives by T. B. Cartwright, 2014

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