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My interest in ancient history and coins goes back to my first coin more than 40 years ago.  I started these Notes as a way to organize stories, photos and references related to the Sulla Collection. 

Over the years, some consistent themes attract my interest - perhaps visible in these pages : good governance, clashes of values, how knowledge evolves, and parallels between millennia past and today.  While the dictatorship of Lucius Cornelius Sulla is the focal point and starting point for the collection, the coins and periods covered often travel far from that starting point.

Any of the original materials or photos on this site can be freely reused for educational and non-commercial purposes as long as a reference is included to Sulla Collection, Notes on Ancient Coins,  Commercial use is restricted without permission.

While the notes are often brief, I attempt to include sufficient references and link materials for those interested to find more.  I  hope that you find this site useful, interesting and entertaining.  

Connections by email ( for collaboration, questions, corrections are always welcome.

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