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Aristotle on Mytilene

Aristotle lived on Mytilene during the period in which these coins were minted. The dates are variously reported, somewhere between 340-335 BC, after being tutor to Alexander, son of King Philip II of Macedon. During this time he researched zoology and marine biology.

Mytilene, Lesbos, c. 377-326 BC, Electrum Hekte

Obv: Head of Apollo wearing laurel wreath right

Rev: Head of Artemis right, her hair in sphendone; snake symbol in left field

I like the imagined scene of Aristotle enjoying his days on Lesbos, talking with fisherman, watching sea life, making notes and drawings and trying to make sense of what he saw....and centuries/millennia later Darwin weathered by his sea voyage similarly observing finches.

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