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Resources for Parthian Coins

I have been reading the The Sunrise Collection, Assar's intro on Parthian coins. The most referenced resource for Parthian coins is David Sellwood's "The Coinage of Parthia". Assar and others have made updates to the chronology, assignment of coins to kings, and naming of kings since the last publication of Sellwood's book.

I am revisiting today a coin of Vologases III, which I am updating to Pakoros I based on Assar (Sunrise p.150). I had attributed this coin as Sellwood 78.3 with levitating ruler, no seat, Ecbatana, and blundered Greek legend. Parthian coins can have subtle differences in legends, and symbols that take a while to clearly differentiate. Thanks to help from CoinTalk, I am confident that my coin is not Sellwood 78.4.

and for comparison to another very similar coin of Pacorus I, 78.6 in Sellwood where it is associated with Vologases III. The coins is from the Ecbatana mint, and note the chair of two dots on the reverse:

Here is my accumulated list of favorite online and paper resources of Parthian Coins:

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