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46 BC 180 Obverse Double Strike

Updated: May 14

This coin struck me as unusual, and I couldn't decide which way was "up" - so I didn't hesitate to pick it up. All three images below are the same coin - the obverse is photographed twice rotated by 180 degrees. The coin raises a lot of questions for me:

What happened? the obverse die would have been the lower one (fixed) so how did the flan/coin get hit again rotated by 180 degrees?

Which Apollo was struck first? my guess is that the one I show first (left side) was the one struck second (it is the one that is at ~0 die axis) - it looks to me like it is literally above the other image.

What happened with the reverse? it looks a little mashed to me, why isn't it double struck?

My best guess is that this was first a brockage and someone tried to fix the mistake by striking again. In the photo there is a hint of a head-like depression on the obverse - but not obvious.

C Considius Paetus AR Denarius. 46 BC.

Obv: Laureate head of Apollo right

Rev: Curule chair, garlanded, on which lies wreath, C CONSIDI above, PAETI in exergue

Ref: Syd 991, Crawford 465/1b.

Here's a "single strike" version of this coin for comparison:

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