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1/5th Tetradrachm of Philip III Arrhidaeos

A 1/5th tetradrachm? this is not a coin I had noticed before this one. A 2.55g coin of Philip III, son of Philip II of Macedon, half-brother to Alexander the Great, unkindly and variously described in literature as the half-wit, illegitimate, and idiot brother to the great king.

This coin was issued shortly after the death of Alexander the Great in June 323 BC. Philip III, born Arrhidaios, and Alexander's infant son Philip IV, born after Alexander's death, were co-sovereigns under regent control, as the Diadochi battled for control. Soon afterward Philip III Arrhidaeos was executed by Alexander's mother Olympias to prevent him from being used against her in December 317 BC. Before being executed, he was on the run, captured and imprisoned in Amphipolis, where this coin was minted.

Kings of Macedon, Philip III Arrhidaios, 323-317 BC, AR Fifth Tetradrachm, Amphipolis mint. Struck under Polyperchon (regent), circa 318-317 BC

Obv: Head of Apollo right, wearing tainia (headband)

Rev: [ΦIΛIΠΠOY] Horseman riding right; forked branch below

Ref: Le Rider pl. 46, 26-7 (?)

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