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12 Olympians (Greek Edition)

A couple of years ago I posted a set of Roman republican denarii showing the 12 Olympians. The twelve Olympians were the major deities of the Greek pantheon who lived on Mt. Olympus. Today's post highlights the Greek edition of the 12 Olympians. This is a fun set to collect - and much more accessible than a 12 Caesars from Imperial Rome.

Two coins are a compromise to fill the gaps: a Roman provincial (once called Greek Imperial) from Pisidia for Hermes and a Roman denarius for Hephaestus. Details on the coins are listed below the picture.

Walters Art Gallery, Twelve Gods Relief, 1st Century BC - 1st Century AD (Public Domain Image)

The coins are listed in the same order as the Rome denarius collection - this was (almost) in alphabetical order by the name of the deity. One downside of the presentation is that all the coins look the same size (they are not). I added a second photo to show scale.


Thessaly, Thessalian League, Drachm (4.24 g), Late 2nd-mid 1st centuries BC, Her… and Heg… magistrates

Obv: Laureate head of Apollo right; behind, HP monogram

Rev: ΘEΣΣA-ΛΩN, Athena Itonia striding right, hurling spear and holding forth shield; in right field, HΓ monogram

Ref: BCD Thessaly II (Triton XV) Lot 836; BMC 42; McClean 4968


Pontos, Amisos, 85-65 BC, Time of Mithradates VI Eupator, Bronze Æ

Size: 16 mm, 3.8g

Obv: Wreathed head of Dionysos right

Rev: AMIΣOY, thyrsos, Σ in left field.

Ref: SNG BM Black Sea 1192-1195


Lokris, Lokri Opuntii, c. 340 BC, AR Hemidrachm or Triobol, 15mm, 2.5g

Obv: Wreathed head of Demeter left, wearing necklace and earring

Rev: Ajax advancing right, holding shield decorated with lion; Λ below, V to right


Aeolis, Kyme, Æ, circa 165-90 BC, Zoilos, magistrate, 4g, 15mm

Obv: Draped bust of Artemis right, with bow and quiver over shoulder

Rev: Single-handled cup, with laurel branch to outer left and right; KY above, ΖΩΙΛΟΣ across fields

Ref: SNG von Aulock 1642


Pontos, Amisos, AR Siglos,4th Century BC (5.54g, 19mm, 3h)

Obv: Draped bust of Hera left, wearing turreted stephanos

Rev: Owl standing facing with spread wings; H ΓH across fields; ΠEIPA below

Ref: SNG Stancomb 661 (this coin); cf. SNG BM Black Sea 1071; HGC 7, 229


Bruttium, The Brettii, Circa 211-208 BC, Double Unit (Didrachm?), AE, 25mm, 15.18g

Obv: Helmeted head of Ares left, griffin on helmet; below neck, thunderbolt

Rev: BPETTION Hera Hoplosima advancing right, holding shield with both hands and spear leaning against her; cup & ladel at feet, to right, bucranium


Pisidia, Termessos, Pseudo-autonomous, Ae, 9.5g, 25mm, (2nd-3rd centuries AD

Obv: TEPMHCCEΩΝ, Bare-headed and draped bust of Hermes left. kerykeion over shoulder

Rev: ΤΩΝ ΜΕΙZΟΝΩΝ, Athena standing l., holding patera over lighted altar and spear.

Ref: RPC VII Unassigned 73249


Akarnania, Anaktorion, circa 350-300 BC, AR Stater

Obv: Pegasos flying left

Rev: Helmeted head of Athena left; KΛE above, monogram below, monogram and filleted bucranium behind


Boeotia, Federal Coinage, Drachm, circa 225-171 BC, 19mm, 5.05g

Obv: Laureate head of Poseidon right.

Rev: BOIΩTΩN, Nike standing left, holding wreath and trident; monogram to inner left.

Ref: BCD Boiotia 127; HGC 4, 1175


Lucius Aurelius Cotta, 105 BC, AR serrate denarius, Rome mint

Obv: Draped bust of Vulcan right, wearing laureate pileus; tongs and * behind; control mark "X" beforeall within wreath

Rev: Eagle standing on thunderbolt, head left; R to right; all within laurel wreath

Ref: Crawford 314/1b (control on obverse); Sydenham 577a; Aurelia 21b


Phrygia, Laodikeia, 133/88-67 BC

Obv: Diademed and draped bust of Aphrodite or the foundress Laodice right

Rev: Filleted cornucopia to right; filleted kerykeion to left

Size: 20mm, 6.55g

Ref: BMC 40-4, SNG Copenhagen 501-2


Sicily, Syracuse, Timoleon, 344-336 BC, Æ Hemidrachm, Timoleontic Symmachy coinage, struck circa 342-339/8 BC

Obv: Laureate head of Zeus Eleutherios, bearded, right

Rev: Thunderbolt; to right, eagle standing right

Ref: Garraffo Series A, c; Calciati II pg. 168, 72 st 1; SNG ANS 477; SNG Morcom 723

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Alfred Kowsky
Alfred Kowsky
Jan 19, 2022

Sulla, This is a clever idea for an article 😊. The 12 coins together makes an excellent & interesting montage. The portraits of Poseidon, Athena, & Zeus are standouts 😎. I'm not a serious collector of Greek coins but I have one that pictures two Olympians on one coin. Seeing Artemis & Apollo together on one coin isn't unusual since they were twins.

Jan 20, 2022
Replying to

Thanks, Al, Great coin!

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